Your business in the Maastricht Region

The convenient international location, strong infrastructure, and the outstanding business climate all make the Maastricht Region attractive for companies and their employees alike. Our region combines tradition with the power of transformation.

The oldest industrial city in the Netherlands became a city of knowledge, the mining industry gave rise to chemicals industry, and the country's first tourist board is now putting the leisure industry on the map. From bulk chemicals to foodstuffs and from DAF to MINI, get ready for the brighter side of work!

A flourishing business community

The business community in the Maastricht Region is highly diverse: the international head offices of multinationals, production companies, SMEs with unique specialisms, innovative start-ups and many creative and public-sector companies are all based here. The financial service sector is well represented in the region. For example, APG has its office in Heerlen: with €450 billion in invested capital, it is one of the largest pension providers in the world. A number of large government services are also based in the Maastricht Region. One example is Statistics Netherlands (CBS) in Heerlen, which analyses over 600 terabytes of data for the entire country each year.


The Maastricht Region is home to around 20,000 SMEs which together account for two thirds of the gross regional product. A total of nearly 36,000 companies provide around 267,000 people with work.

Collaboration is the key to the Maastricht Region in stimulating innovation and achieving sustainable economic growth. Major employers such as MUMC+, Maastricht University, APG, and DSM along with the Brightlands Campuses all work together with SMEs towards achieving this goal.

A range of programmes are running in the Maastricht Region aimed at bringing together SMEs, campuses, large companies, and knowledge institutes. The idea behind this is to be able to better access knowledge and to help SMEs to find the right partners to assist them in translating innovative ideas into concrete business prospects. 


High SME ambition

The Maastricht Region is pursuing the Brainport 2020 development programme. One of the aims associated with this programme is an additional injection of €8.5 billion into the Dutch business community. As much as €5 billion of this will be funded by SMEs. 

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